Importance Of Custom Application Development

As a custom application development firm, AJR is specialized in Business Intelligence, Mobile Application Development, Integration and Data Acquisition.

  • Business Intelligence – The Ocean of Data may well have been boiled, but insight and innovation are still lacking. Our expertise in Data Acquisition and Integration allows us to combine the data and information in compelling ways to drive insight and innovation
  • Mobile development – The extension of legacy systems and data onto disparate mobile devices will be custom built for years to come (security, identity, device OS and design are key drivers)
  • Integration – With data buried in legacy systems and in point-solution packages, integration must by its nature be custom developed
  • Data Acquisition – By its very nature is the custom at its core. Manufacturing companies build custom factory floors and a packaged solution simply cannot pull just the meaningful data from all the different PLCs and HMIs

Most of the organizations tend to purchase a packaged solution at some point and unfortunately, some do.  In the latter case, most of them find bugs in the solution and it is difficult and frustrating to get the vendor to agree that what is found is a bug and you often get the following responses:

  • The bug will be fixed in the next edition/release.
  • It is a feature of the solution.
  • Though it is a bug, we do not anticipate fixing the problem because there is a workaround.

The standard of the custom developed solution is dependent on a detailed scope of work: clear, concise, compelling, cohesive, documented and approved. We build custom solutions for unique problems and according to the client’s requirements:

  • We build using best of breed coding, testing, and documentation approaches
  • We deliver software: on-spec, On-time and on budget
  • We guarantee the solution for within the given time

We provide on-going support contracts to ensure the software conforms to changing conditions for our clients who are operating in a dynamic environment.

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